Best Price Greenworks 25292 40-Volt 4 Amp Hour Lithium Ion 19-Inch Lawn Mower

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  • 40-volt, 4 amp hour lithium ion battery for powerful, longer run time and longer life
  • Durable steel deck with poly housing
  • 7 position single lever height adjuster


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Good Experience = Got my Greenworks 25292 with the free Trimmer/Edger and Blower today from another provider (No Additional Batteries or Charger for the Blower and Trimmer/Edger). It will replace a Honda Lawnmower with a Masters 5.0 engine and a Hydrostatic Drive which I bought around 1986 (Yep, still running but see my replacement reasons below.) That mower is still going strong but there are a number of reasons why I decided to go with the 25292 Greenworks model:
1. Lithium Ion Batteries.
2. Light mower which, although it doesn’t have the powered drive of the Honda, is amazingly easier to use because of its light weight which is about 53 pounds with the battery but without the grass catcher attached compared to my Honda which is 101 Lbs.(Even though the Honda has an aluminum cutting Housing, but twin blades & Hydrostatic drive also add to the weight.) The powered drive of the Honda was great on straight runs but turning, maneuvering around trees, and pulling back and forth in short sections was quite tiring (not so with the Greenworks).
3. The Honda was still great mechanically (I bought it around 1986) except for carburetor problems I had every spring which were cause by Ethanol. I also got tired of the maintenance of gas, oil, air filters, Ethanol stabilizer (which didn’t do much good when the mower was idle during the off season of about 3 months in Houston). Ethanol doesn’t screw up cars too much because the gas is used up quickly but it is corrosive and clogging on Lawn Mowers, particularly if the gas is not used up quickly. Ethanol attracts water and sinks to the bottom of the gas. The results are not fun.

I charged up one battery and started to work by putting it in the trimmer and edging about 150 feet in the backyard. Also edged around six trees with borders around them about 6-7 feet across (subtract that from the square feet that the mower had to tackle of about 1/8 acre-5440 square feet).

Next, I inserted that battery into my blower and blew leaves off my back patio and walkway, and a small section of the yard with leaves over pebbles (great for that because it moved the leaves but not the pebbles). This blower does NOT have a very powerful air stream (despite the 150 MPH touted speed) but I am happy with it because it is small and light (used it to clean up the mower when I was through). Despite some places indicating that it has 5 speeds, that is not true. Someone got confused because it has number designations from one to five on a scrolling wheel for convenience but the speed is totally variable.

The Trimmer/Edger is ungainly and a little bit heavy and awkward to use but it also has a variable speed which is operated by the pressure applied to the handle control. Somewhat disconcerting and a little hard to get used to.

Now the mower tackled the front and back yards and a 40 foot strip on the side of the house about 2 feet wide. I finished EVERYTHING with the original battery (the second one was still charging) with one light on the battery still showing. I am a happy camper with this mower.

Since by yard is about 5,500 square feet counting the tree areas and surrounding stone containments it looks like the touted “up to 10,000 square feet” on the mower box refers to the use of both batteries…… Read More

Bad Experience = I received this mower yesterday and it worked great right out of the box. I would have given this item a 5-star rating, except that when the first battery pack ran down its charge, and I followed the directions to re-charge it, the battery pack failed and would no longer power the mower. After calling customer service and stating that I could not tell if the issue was actually a battery pack or the charger unit itself , I was told I would have to take the battery to a repair shop either more than 100 miles away, or over the bridge to Canada. This is a BRAND NEW UNIT, neither a refurbished one, nor a failure after months/years of use ! Customer service after purchase of a product as expensive as this one is part and parcel of my satisfaction/dissatisfaction with the item. ….. Read More

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